Trooper Settles With The State

Cheyenne, Wy – A former Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper
who was fired for calling in a bogus drunken-driving report says he
has agreed to settle his wrongful termination lawsuit.
The patrol fired Trooper Ben Peech about a year ago.
Peech was fired after nearly ten years with the patrol over his
handling of a federal Drug Enforcement Administration effort -- a
bust that netted more than $3 million in cash during an early
morning traffic stop on Interstate 80.
Peech called in a phony DUI report to the state's drunken
driving hotline just before the stop. Patrol officials fired Peech,
saying the call was improper procedure.
Peech filed suit, saying the purpose of the call was to keep the
owners of the money from realizing that the stop was a setup.
Terms of the settlement are not being disclosed.