Trout Unlimited Urges More Study of Oil and Gas Development

Laramie, Wy – The group Trout Unlimited says oil and gas
development is happening way too fast in the Rocky Mountain West.
The organization today released a report that finds the region's petroleum development is guided by scant science with respect to the well-being of fish, wildlife and people.
Trout Unlimited is calling for more study, before there's irreversible damage, and has the backing of more than 50 professionals in the fish and wildlife fields.
They've sent the U-S Interior and Agriculture secretaries a letter, saying that a better understanding of the effects of oil
and gas development is essential.
Interior Secretary Gale Norton is in Yellowstone National Park today. She says extensive environmental planning is part of how her department operates.
The American Petroleum Institute says it hasn't had a chance to study the report released by Trout Unlimited, and has no comment.