Trucker didn't know Highway Patrol trooper planned to kill him

Laramie, WY – A Wal-Mart truck driver has filed a lawsuit against the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The suit says that the trucker wasn't told that a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper who kidnapped him early last year had also planned to kill him in a possible extortion plot against the retailer.
Lawyers for the trucker say Highway Patrol officials agreed to pay him $10,000 last year to settle any possible claims after former Trooper Franklin Ryle had detained him near Douglas.
The lawsuit against the patrol officials says they didn't tell him about the plot.
Ryle is serving a 15-year federal prison sentence on his conviction last year of violating Smidt's civil rights. Ryle still faces state criminal charges of possessing steroids.
Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg declined comment.