Trustees might keep candidates for next UW president position a secret

Oct 1, 2012

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees met today to discuss the selection process for President Tom Buchanan’s replacement. Buchanan will leave UW next summer.

In the past, U-W has brought finalists for the job to visit with students and faculty. But under the new plan, the Trustees wouldn’t release the candidates’ names to the public until the new university president has been chosen.

Board President David Bostrom says UW has a better chance of attracting top-notch candidates – especially sitting presidents at other universities – if they can keep information about their applications private.

“If it becomes known at their institution that they’re looking at another job, it jeopardizes their position at that institution.”

Bostrom says the Board of Trustees is considering a selection process that is more transparent, with a committee that will include UW trustees, faculty, students and community members.

The process will be defined at the board’s October 12thmeeting. The position should open by the end of the month.