Turnout Huge

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming voters turned out for yesterday's
(Tuesday) general election in numbers not seen in the last 26 years.
The Secretary of State's office counted 245-thousand-646 voters
unofficially statewide. That is 65 percent of the residents who are
eligible to vote in the state.
Since 1978, the next highest turnout of eligible voters was 63
percent in the 1992 general election.
Secretary of State Joe Meyer says yesterday's election turnout
exceeded the number of registered voters in the state because
Wyoming allows voters to register at the polls.
There were reports of precincts running low on ballots in a
number of areas.
More than 600 people registered at the precinct in the Albany
County Public Library in Laramie.
Laramie County made copies of ballots because of demand from