Two Senate Candidates Dislike NCLB

Laramie, Wy – Two U-S Senate candidates both dislike no child left behind. Democrats Keith Goodenough and Nick Carter debated the controversial education policy on Open Spaces Friday. Carter wants to gut the entire program and start again but he does favor one concept.
"I do favor some sort of merit pay where if you take first graders and make them run faster academically that you get rewarded for that."
But Goodenough wants nothing to do with merit pay, because he believes it would only benefit certain teachers.
"Some people are more irritating. Some teachers won't toe the line. So those teachers, who are some of the best teachers because they don't toe the line, are at risk of being left behind financially, because they won't go along. "
Goodenough notes that since No Child Left Behind is an established program, that states should be allowed to junk the bad parts and keep the good parts. But he adds that education should be up to states not the federal government. The winner of the Goodenough-Carter primary faces Senator John Barrasso in November.