U-W Officials Concerned About Grading

Laramie, Wy – A study of grades at the University of Wyoming found an interesting trend. The Colleges, who have students with the lowest A-C-T scores, gave out the highest grades. The report has some U-W officials wondering about grading.
Vice President for Academic Affairs Tom Buchanon told U-W trustees that he's concerned about some grading disparities occurring on campus. In the College of Education for instance, the average Grade Point Average is the highest on campus at almost three point seven on a four point scale. But those students also had the lowest ACT scores coming into College. Buchanon says students in the College of Engineering had the highest A-C-T scores and the lowest G-P-A's. He says that disparity is a concern and he will bring the matter up with the College Deans during their next retreat.
Buchanan says they always worry about grade inflation and uniformity, and this is why they will continue to review the matter.