Unemployment Is Down, But So Is Job Growth

Mar 18, 2014

Wyoming’s statewide unemployment rate fell very slightly from four-point-four percent in December to four-point-three percent in January.  The Wyoming Department of workforce services says most of the state saw improvement from the same time during previous year.  But Economist David Bullard says it was not all good, noting that job growth was slow.

“We have the sixth lowest unemployment rate of the 50 states however job growth has been fairly slow or modest recently.  The recent estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest a gain of 3500 jobs or 1.2% and that puts us 32nd in the ranking of the 50 states.”

Bullard says job growth has struggled in Wyoming since 2012.  Sublette County had the state’s lowest unemployment at three-point-six percent.  Lincoln County had the highest unemployment rate at seven-point-one percent.