Unique compost facility might open in Campbell County

Gillette, WY – Campbell County is looking at composting food waste. This would likely be the first composting facility of its kind in the state.

The environmental services manager for Campbell County, Mark Swan, says they started looking at this because their landfill is reaching capacity. But, they also want to be able to compost paper and cardboard products because the price for those products is low, "and we're such a long ways from any markets that it looks like it would probably be cheaper for us to compost it here on site, create a product and not have to incur the cost of going to Denver or other places with these products."

Swan says he hopes to double the amount of material they divert from the landfill in the next year or two. He says the food waste they compost will mostly come from grocery stores, but it may also come from restaurants. Right now he says they send two to three tons of food waste to the landfill each day.