United Express Signs on for Cody-Denver Flights

Cody, WY – Air service between Cody and Denver will be restored during the summer thanks to an agreement signed this week. The Cody Yellowstone Air Service Organization signed the deal with United Airlines on Tuesday. The summer-only service will consist of a 50-seat jet that Sky West will operate for United Express and a 37-seat prop plane flown by Mesa. State Senator Hank Coe has led the local effort to restore the Cody to Denver Service. He says this gets them back to where they where they were a few years ago. Cody even had 737 service with Continental in the mid-90's. Coe says they agreed to revenue guarantees to convince United. That means the airline is assured of getting a certain amount of passengers, and the community would make up the financial difference if they don't meet passenger goals. This deal is only for the summer months, but Coe is confident they can get winter service with United, as well. He says the airline is meeting with the Wyoming Business Council Friday in Chicago to discuss how the state's Air Service Enhancement Program may help get winter flights up and running again to Denver.