University will cover costs for student vets during government shutdown

Oct 8, 2013

University of Wyoming President Bob Sternberg says that veterans attending U.W. will not see their educations interrupted due to a lack of funding caused by the government shutdown.

U.W.’s director of institutional communications, Chad Baldwin, says that the university will delay billing veterans for now, but hopes to recoup costs from the federal government later.

Baldwin says university president Bob Sternberg is committed to aiding the over 400 currently enrolled veterans because of a sense of responsibility to student vets.

“The president feels that the commitments that have been made to our veterans are commitments that should be kept.” Baldwin explained “And he just wanted a statement out there very definitively that says U.W. is not going to, because of this federal shutdown, turn away veterans from continuing their studies here.”

Baldwin says that U.W. will also offer affected vets financial counseling.

University administrators will meet on Wednesday to discuss how to fund this action.