Updates: Reception And Frequencies

May 30, 2014

Director of Engineering Paul Montoya at one of 33 transmitters in the WPM network.

"Off-the-Air" Situations around the Network

Evanston is off the air at this time due to weather conditions. We will have the signal back up as soon as possible. 

HD-high definition radio

We have added HD Classical to Gillette, Sundance and Buffalo.

If you have any questions or are experiencing a signal issue not listed here, please contact us at 307-766-4265 or e-mail pmontoy1@uwyo.edu.


Wyoming winds can create real problems around the network.

Wyoming Public Media Engineering


How To Listen


Current Weather And Forecasts

Interior of one of our transmitter buildings.

NOAA Weather Conditions and Forecasts


WYDOT Road & Travel Conditions