Updates: Reception And Frequencies

May 30, 2014

Director of Engineering Paul Montoya at one of 33 transmitters in the WPM network.


"Off-the-Air" Situations around the Network and other Technical Issues

8/10/17: Lander Signal (fm 90.9)
Status update:
We have received the new antenna that will beam a signal directly into Lander without interfering with the main signal from Limestone Mountain.  We are also getting a data circuit put in to synchronize the two signals.  This is important as the signals could cancel each other out in some areas if this isn’t done.  We will install a new booster transmitter that has capabilities to adjust the delay of the signals to synchronize them.  I have to get a tower crew out to install the antenna.  Hopefully we can get these things done in the next few weeks and get a good signal back into central Lander.

1/30/17: All audio streams for Wyoming Public Media (WPR, Classical Wyoming, Wyoming Sounds and Jazz Wyoming) have been changed so as to meet new international standards for SSL (Secure) connections.

If you listen on the WPR App: Close your app. Update. Re-launch. 

If you listen at wyomingpublicmedia.org: all streams have been updated. Click on "Listen Live".

If you listen on a Grace Internet radio or other Internet radio you may need to update the stream links to:

Wyoming Public Radio:   https://wprhqstream4.uwyo.edu/wpr128.mp3

Classical Wyoming:  https://wprhqstream4.uwyo.edu/kuwy128.mp3

Wyoming Sounds:  https://wprhqstream4.uwyo.edu/wys128.mp3

Jazz Wyoming:  https://wprhqstream4.uwyo.edu/kuwl128.mp3

These links will also work directly in your browser or can be opened in iTunes.

Listening using TuneIn radio should work as before.

HD Radio

We have added HD Classical to Gillette, Sundance and Buffalo.

If you have any questions or are experiencing a signal issue not listed here, please contact us at 307-766-4265 or e-mail pmontoy1@uwyo.edu.


Wyoming winds can create real problems around the network.

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Interior of one of our transmitter buildings.

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