Uranium is about ready to take off in Wyoming

Laramie, Wy – A uranium specialist with the Wyoming State Geological Survey says the in-situ process for recovering uranium is taking off in the state. Bob Gregory says in-situ mining could be used to get at uranium under the basins of Wyoming. In that process, water is pumped into the ground to free up uranium. Despite concerns from some landowners about potential impacts to drinking water, Gregory says he feels it is relatively safe.
"It's not completely without its dangers, it probably has some risk, but the mining companies do as much as they can to avoid those and they're pretty successful from what I've understood."
There is currently one in-situ mine operating in Wyoming. But, there are about 15 applications for new permits to start new mines in the state. On August fourth the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources is holding a forum on in-situ mining, its risks and benefits.