Uranium Meeting Next Week

Casper, Wy – Federal regulators are planning a meeting in Casper early next month to hear public comments and concerns about
in-situ uranium mining.
Recent increases in the price of uranium have sparked increased
interest in the mining technique. It uses chemicals to free uranium
from the surrounding ore underground. Water holding the freed
uranium is then pumped to the surface where it's refined.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversees the in-situ mining
process. The agency is facing an increase in the number of
applications from companies interested in building new facilities
or expanding old ones.
Dave McIntyre is spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission. He says the agency is preparing a generic environmental
impact statement to look at the effects of the in-situ mining
McIntyre says that preparing the generic environmental document
will help to guide supplemental studies for individual projects.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting in Casper will be 7
p.m. Aug. 7 at the Parkway Plaza.