US House candidate Wendt wants to take a different approach in Washington

Casper, Wy –
Democratic candidate for U-S House, Dave Wendt,introduced himself to many party members this weekend at the Wyoming Democratic convention. Wendt is from Jackson and his background is in policy research. He has worked at think tanks in Washington DC and in Jackson. Wendt says he has a deep interest in working on issues like energy use. He says he has worked with leaders in China and in Wyoming to try and figure out the role coal should play going forward. Wendt says he supports cap and trade.
"All of the electric utilities need regulatory certainty. They need to know what is coming down the road in terms of carbon emissions so they can make responsible investments and planning decisions."
Wendt says he also supports universal health care. He stresses that he wants to bring a more open minded approach to Washington than the existing representatives in Congress.
If he wins the primary, Wendt will be running against incumbent Cynthia Lummis.