US Senate candidates talk Medicare

Oct 30, 2012

Two candidates for US Senate agree that something needs to be done to assure the affordability of Medicare long-term. 

Democrat Tim Chesnut suggests raising the caps on Medicare.  He says those who make more than 250-thousand dollars need to pay more into the system. 

Republican Senator John Barrasso favors revamping Medicare for those under the age of 55.
“A couple retiring today will pay in 110 thousand dollars, but with these extended life expectancies they are going to use about 350-thousand dollars in services.  So the math doesn’t work.  So if you want to save these wonderful programs for future generations , you have to say do you have to redesign them for the next generation coming up…under the age of 55?  And I think we do.”

But Barrasso and Chesnut agree that it’s about reforming the system, not cutting benefits for those who need them.