Utilities Get Involved with WY-CA Power Line Project

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming is one step closer to selling more power to Nevada and California. With Utah the four states are working to ge what they will call the Frontier Line built. It is an electric transmission line and is billed as a way to get clean energy to the big western states. Wyoming's role would be to provide the electricity from coal power plants and wind farms. Monday Governor Dave Freudenthal and other western leaders announced they have reached an important deal with private utilities. Freudenthal says he is glad for this agreement because it is not up to government to dictate what will happen. He says it is up to private industry and specifically the utilities and so he is particularly pleased to have this agreement in place.
Monday Wyoming also signed a memorandum of understanding with California. It says the states will collaborate to try and get a clean coal power plant built in Wyoming.