Utilities May Look for Fuels Other Than Wyoming Coal

Laramie, Wy – Problems delivering Wyoming coal by rail could force customers of Powder River Basin coal to seek other fuel sources. That's what the spokesperson for a National Rural Electric Cooperative Association says.
Patrick Lavigne says if utilities are unable to receive their contracted allotment of Powder River Basin coal will either have to increase investment in natural gas-fired generation or buy electricity on the wholesale market.
There have been some delays because of problems with the lines in the past.
Wyoming's export coal industry injects more than 450 million dollars into local and state coffers annually in taxes and royalties.
Local coal producers have said they are confident that both railroads are investing in major maintenance and capacity improvements to the Powder River Basin rail system.
B-N-S-F is nearing completion on adding a third rail line out of the southern portion of the basin.