UW announces new president

Feb 26, 2013

Robert J. Sternberg will be University of Wyoming’s next president. The UW Board of Trustees made the announcement this afternoon during a teleconference. Sternberg currently serves as provost and senior vice president at Oklahoma State University.

The trustees wanted to keep finalists’ names secret, but a district court judge ruled that names had to be made public. Some candidates dropped out when the trustees said they would comply.

Trustee Warren Lauer would not comment whether the trustees originally thought Sternberg was the best choice, but Lauer said he always thought Sternberg was a top choice.

“He maintained his interest in the University of Wyoming and so based upon that interest he was willing to allow that his name be disclosed,” says Lauer. “I guess personally for me I would have to say yes, he would be right at the top.”

Lauer added that Sternberg impressed the Trustees with his knowledge of UW during interviews.

“He seems to have a keen sense and understand of how academics can work, the purpose of public land grant institutions such as we have here at the University. This gentleman will provide excitement for the campus, I think he’ll provide a pragmatic approach to the stake holders, industries…”

Sternberg will take office as UW President on July 1st.