UW to ask trustees for pay raises

Aug 22, 2012

The University of Wyoming will present its proposed supplemental budget request to the UW board of trustees Thursday and the request will include money for a pay hike. 

Even though state budgets could be trimmed from four to eight percent, UW wants the Governor and Legislature to set aside five million dollars that can be used for merit based pay raises.  The average increase would be about three percent. 

In a letter to the Trustees, University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan says that by July, UW employees will have gone four years without a pay hike.  He says UW has lost ground in its ability to provide competitive salaries and is losing faculty because of it.  This while employees had to pay more into their retirement, health insurance and deal with inflation. 

UW is also asking for funding to move forward with the upgrading of the U-W College of Engineering.