UW Building Receive Legislative Attention

Feb 27, 2012

Two proposed University of Wyoming buildings were the focus of considerable amount of debate on the final day of the state budget. 

The House will focus funding on the top building priority of UW and build a new performing Arts Center, but the State Senate voted not to fund the Performing Arts Center and will instead spend money to pay for an upgrade of the College of Engineering building.  Laramie Representative Cathy Connolly said the Performing Arts Center will guarantee certification for the Arts program at U-W.  She says it’s important to the state.

 “UW’s performing arts programs are top notch and growing by leaps and bounds,” said Connelly. “They are producing award winning students who often become our elementary and high school music and dance teachers.”

But Senator Phil Nicholas convinced the Senate to fund the Engineering upgrade instead, saying that a great engineering program will not only help UW, but the state.  The issue will be further debated when the House and Senate discuss the budget in a conference committee.