UW Conservation Corps Still Alive

Jan 23, 2014

Almost a month after saying they didn’t have the funds to operate this summer, the Wyoming Conservation Corps is back in business. 

Last month program leaders said the Corps was short on money, but a loan from the U-W Research Office and money from Residence Life and Dining Service will allow the program to move forward.

The program pays students to perform conservation work around the state during the summer.  This year it will be a scaled down program, according to Director Patrick Call. 

“It looks like we are going to field three different crews and accomplish 18 different projects, which is very exciting.  We’ve been able to work with state parks and they’ve committed to offer us nine of them in the state.”

Call is excited that the Conservation Corps will be able to stay in operation.  He said that the work is important to the state and valuable to students.

“I’ve heard directly out of student’s mouth that this program is life changing.  They’ve been able to go out and connect with the environment, get connected with the land and they’ve been able to do things to give back to the greater good.”

Since going into operation in 2006, the Conservation Corps has completed more than 200 conservation projects.