UW enrollment down slightly

Oct 11, 2013

Sara Axelson

University of Wyoming enrollment numbers for the fall semester are down about 1.5 percent from the fall 2012 semester. The University’s enrollment report shows that freshman enrollment numbers have stayed steady, but Vice President for student affairs, Sara Axelson, says more significant were other changes in the class makeup. 

  “What was real exciting about the report this year is to be able to see the continued increase in our international and our ethnically diverse students. That was real positive,” says Axelson. “And the other piece is that our incoming students, coming out of high school their average GPA has grown a couple percentage points, which is pretty significant.” 

  She says the Hathaway scholarship and new admission standards, which went into effect this fall, may be contributing to the higher GPAs. Axelson adds that the University wants to continue to grow and is implementing new support systems for students, as well as alternative admission methods to further diversify the student body.   

  “Oftentimes you don’t just have continued growth on continued growth. You know, even staying stable or a little bit behind is still positive.”