UW Faculty Senate urges legislature not to pass two gun bills

Feb 7, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The University of Wyoming’s Faculty Senate has released a resolution against a pair of pro-gun bills. 

One would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry concealed firearms in schools and at public sporting events.  The other bill would prohibit U-W and other local entities from regulating firearms. The bills have passed the state House, and will be considered in Senate Committees.

UW Faculty Senate Chairman Michael Barker says he understands that Wyomingites value gun rights, but such changes could make it difficult to preserve the classroom as a learning environment.

“Unavoidably, having guns in a classroom would be perceived as a threat of violence by many students and educators,” says Barker. “And that goes directly against objective of having a safe environment where people can exchange ideas.”

Barker says that college life is already full of stress and questionable behavior among students.  He worries that could lead to lethal consequences when firearms are readily available.