UW Has Enhanced Safety After '06 Murder/Suicide

Laramie, WY – The parents of one of the victims of the
double homicide/suicide in Laramie last summer say the University of Wyoming had made progress in improving campus safety. Adam Towler and Amber Carlson were killed last July by Justin Geiger who then shot himself. Geiger and Carlson were students at U-W. Adam Towler's parents say the university has made good changes and involved them in the process. Since the incident, some university policies have already changed. Now, for instance, students are not allowed to carry weapons on campus, though Wyoming law allows its citizens to carry unconcealed weapons with a permit. And according to a report on university safety, the university has implemented a policy of parental notification as a means of intervening in certain student problems. The university has also adopted a new policy to notify parents of offenses involving illegal or unauthorized possession of weapons and offenses against persons. The dean of students will determine when parental notification is necessary, based on a review of the specific situation and
circumstance of the offense.