UW hosts energy forum

Apr 16, 2012

Four faculty members from the University of Wyoming participated in a forum last night to discuss how new technologies could contribute to cleaner, more diversified energy production. They discussed carbon sequestration, natural gas, nuclear energy and renewable energy.  Geology professor Carrick Eggleston, who participated in the forum, said there isn’t going to be just one solution. "There is no one technology that is going to solve all of our problems," Eggleston said. "So, there’s this wedge concept; there’s going to be 7, 10, maybe 15, different things that we have to do all of, all in, to not just generate the energy we need but also try to deal with the climate issue." Forum participants alluded to political disagreements over technologies - as with nuclear - in addition to scientific shortcomings with technology.  In the US, Eggleston said, change will come quicker once public attitudes are more aligned with the values behind sustainability. In Wyoming, where energy is the cheapest in the nation, he said it might be an uphill battle.