UW Overhauls General Studies Program

May 6, 2014

Credit University of Wyoming

For the first time in many years the University of Wyoming is changing its general studies program, the coursework required for all students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at UW.  Faculty Senate Chair Ed Janak says it should simplify the course selection process for everyone and simply transfers to the university. 

“There’s no longer this giant alphabet soup, this is going to be really straightforward, it’s this and this and this and we are really happy about that,” Janak says.

The program also requires freshmen to pick one of 60 seminar courses. Those courses are intended to increase student retention.

“Really what we are taking a look at is a more global approach, let’s talk about critical thinking, let’s talk about information processing and development and things like that,” Janak says.

Janak says many departments are looking a creative ways to teach the classes. The program is scheduled to be in place by 2015.