UW Police Say Increase In Sexual Assault Complaints Is Due To Education

May 13, 2014

Credit UW

The University of Wyoming police saw an uptick in the number of reported sexual assaults in 2013.  15 sex offenses were reported in contrast with the eight or nine typical in a year.

In 2012 five were reported. UW Police Chief Mike Samp says he’s sure the increase is due to greater education about the importance of reporting such crimes.

“We’ve seen nothing to indicate that the actual number of crimes are going up here, although we’re certainly seeing more reports.  Hopefully, that’s just a result of the increased efforts on the reporting effort and not an actual increase in the number of actual assaults.”

Samp says the campus police have been working closely with several campus groups to educate students about the issue.  He says they've targeted men and urged them to stop a crime before it happens.