UW prepared for swine flu

Laramie, WY – There are more and more reports of swine flu at colleges across the country. But the University of Wyoming says there is only one confirmed cases on its campus. Associate Vice President, Mark Collins, says U-W does expect more this fall.
"We'll probably see a bump of cases in the fall into the flu season and just as we did this year another bump of cases in the spring."
Collins says U-W is well prepared, because like many other schools around the country, it had planned for a flu pandemic a few years ago.
"We were able to dust off those plans, update them, modify them and in fact they've served as a great foundation and a great baseline for all of our planning as we've moved forward so we've been very fortunate to have that in place."
Collins says if the flu starts to spread on campus, they'll have voluntary isolation areas for students. They are also encouraging good hygiene.