UW President: Start Scholarship Program Soon

Laramie, Wy – The President of the University of Wyoming wants the new Hathaway Scholarship Program to start in 2006. That would be a year earlier than lawmakers had been thinking.
The scholarship program is still in the planning phase. The committee that has been working out the details of the plan have not chosen a firm start date yet, but said it would probably be best to wait until at least 2007 to make sure the system is set up well. U-W President Tom Buchanan wrote in a letter that he would like to see the state start to give out scholarships next fall. He argues that would encourage more people to attend college and to stay in Wyoming. To do this it would require more money from the state, which is already directing 400 million dollars into an endowment to fund the scholarship program. It could provide between one and two thousand dollars a year for graduates of Wyoming high schools if they score well on the ACT test and maintain good grades.