UW President: tuition hike isn't possible this school year

Laramie, WY – University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan says as the school plans for budget cuts, it is not going to increase tuition for the coming school year.

The University is facing a possible 5 to 10 percent budget cut in July due to declining state revenue. But Buchanan says they cannot raise tuition for this coming school year to help address the budget problem, because those tuition levels are already fixed: "It is too late for us to talk about changing tuition for academic year 09-10. But I think for subsequent years, it's something we'll probably want to have a serious conversation about."

Buchanan says he's already talked with the Board of Trustees and student representatives about a probable hike in 2010-2011. But he says it would be unreasonable to try to make up the budget shortfall in tuition increases... he says the University would have to increase tuition by about 5 percent to make up even a one percent loss in revenue from the state.