UW Professor says Obama had advantage over Clinton on Saturday

Laramie, WY – According to UW Political Science Professor Jim King, Senator Barack Obama had a few key things going for him this weekend.

The Illinois senator raised more money. He took nearly three-quarters of the vote in Albany County, home to the University of Wyoming and its reserve of young voters. That's a demographic that typically leans his way.

King also says Obama spread his staff across the state long before his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton. "The Obama campaign," he says, "came into Wyoming earlier, offices opened three weeks before the caucuses, they had been mailing, offices had been spread out across the state. Clinton came in about ten days later, only with a few offices. Very clearly Obama was able to get to people before Clinton was."

King says another factor in Obama's win may be that he represents a fresh face to a party that has been down in Wyoming for a long time.