UW projects chosen for NCAR

Jun 14, 2012

     The National Science Foundation says seven University of Wyoming research projects have been chosen to use the National Center for Atmospheric Research-Wyoming Supercomputing center.  The U-W projects will study topics from hydrology to energy.   

Bryan Shader is a special assistant for the Vice President of Research and Economic Development.  He says one project will involve U-W and some researchers from Utah who will study the Colorado River Basin.

“Understanding how snow that falls in Wyoming impacts agriculture, and impacts large cities that have rights to the water, and impacts our environment and our ecosystem.  So how our snow melt in Wyoming impact wildlife in Wyoming and wildlife further downstream. ” 

Shader says a number of energy related projects will also be studied. 

“People are working on designing better wind turbine blades and the design of wind farms to enhance the energy that we get from wind farms.  We also have a group of researchers that are working on C-O 2 capture and storage, so that it’s not going out into the atmosphere. ”

 U-W was given access to the supercomputer in Cheyenne as part of an agreement with NCAR.  Additional U-W related projects will be selected in December.