UW Receives Historic Estate Gift

Laramie, WY – The artist, Neltje, lives in northern Wyoming near Sheridan, but is internationally known. She is including U-W in her estate planning, with a gift that the school is calling the largest estate gift in its history. The exact value is unknown now, but the previous record for an estate gift was 16 million dollars. The donation will include a ranch and her art collection.
The director of the U-W Art Museum, Susan Moldenhauer, says this will create a space to research and support the arts in Wyoming.
"She's really beginning to lay the foundation of what she envisions the future Neltje Center to be, so I think it is a transformatory gift for the university."
Neltje's ranch and home will be used as a space for research and training by artists. Her art collection will mostly remain there, but parts of it will be used in exhibitions at U-W.