UW Sociology Professor dies in snowstorm

Laramie, Wy – Laramie police say an associate professor of Sociology at the University of Wyoming died in last week's snowstorm.

The Laramie Police Department says the body of Margaret Zamudio was found on Saturday in a snowdrift outside of her home. Police Spokesman, Commander Mitchell Cushman, says it appeared Zamudio had gone outside wearing a coat and shoes, fell from the top of her front steps to the bottom, and lost consciousness. Cushman says a neighbor called police on Saturday to report seeing a pair of shoes sticking out of the snow. He says the Department suspects Zamudio's death was an accident, and is waiting for a toxicology report.

Zamudio's research at the University of Wyoming focused on immigration, race, class, and gender. She was 45 years old. In a statement, University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan says the University community is saddened by Zamudio's death, and will miss her very much.