UW student denies that she authored controversial post

Apr 30, 2013

University of Wyoming student Meg Lanker-Simons is denying charges that a controversial Facebook post targeting her…was written by her. 

The post threatened sexual violence and led to protests in support of Lanker- Simons.  U-W Police have cited her with interference for lying about the post on the now defunct U-W crushes page. 

U-W spokesman Chad Baldwin says they suspected Lanker-Simons was the author after launching an investigation.

“One of the ways was a search warrant executed for her computer, some information that came from other search warrants for other entities and subsequent interviews with the suspect.” 

Lanker-Simons is denying that she was responsible for the post and her attorney Charles Pelkey

says they are pleading not guilty to the charges.  She is scheduled to appear in court May 13th.