UW student trying to bring Ayers back to Laramie is facing minor harrassment

Laramie, Wy – The U-W student who is suing the university over its decision not to allow 1960s radical-turned-academic William Ayers speak on campus says the retaliation she's experienced so far has been fairly minimal. Security concerns were among the main reasons cited by the University of Wyoming in late March, when Ayers' scheduled talk was cancelled. Student Meg Lanker says she has received a couple of troubling notes and seen unpleasant Facebook posts about her. Last week she called campus security after she returned to her car to find the windshield covered in tobacco juice. But she says those aren't the kinds of things that will change her mind about working to bring Ayers to Laramie.
I know a lot of people have said that if I don't like this state I can leave - I actually really love this state. And for me to see us painted as a bunch of fence-sitting rednecks is embarrassing to me.
Lanker is among those organizing to have Ayers speak in Laramie next Wednesday. If the university is not forced to let Ayers appear on campus as the result of her lawsuit, the town civic center will be available for his talk.