UW Students Help Re-Design Downtown Buffalo

Nov 6, 2012

Architectural Design Students at the University of Wyoming are helping to re-design Buffalo, Wyoming’s historic downtown. The focal point will be an antique carousel with a unique local flair. 

In the 1980s, the late Emerson Scott, Buffalo resident and businessman, brought the carousel from New Jersey. A local craftsman built original horses for the ride and decorated them with a cowboys and Indians theme. Carousel Committee Chairwoman Arnette Tiller says the carousel is currently underutilized, and after it’s restored, it could really draw attention to the Artisan’s Row neighborhood.

"We want Buffalo to thrive," she says, "and we think the carousel is a good beginning because it’s going to increase tourism. Carousels are a subculture. People are already talking about coming to Buffalo."

UW architectural student Amanda Lang is part of a class recruited to present its designs for the new plaza that will house the carousel and other community event spaces. She visited the carousel with her class before the six-week design process began.

"The carousel is really cool, it’s very historical," says Lang, "There’s the Indian and cowboy horses and I just think it’s really cool that Wyoming has the only cowboy and Indian carousel in the world."

Lang says that this project was different than other projects she’s done in school before.

"To know that it could actually come to life, it’s exciting because I’ve never seen one of my designs actually be built."

Carousel Committee Chairwoman Arnette Tiller says that the final design might be an amalgam of several of the students’ designs. She says the carousel property will also host a community and event center, a theater, and art classes. Tiller says that with the students’ final drawings, the Carousel Committee will be able to set a final fundraising budget and move forward with the project.