UW Study Abroad Up

Laramie, WY – Participation in study abroad programs among University of Wyoming students has increased nearly eight-fold in the past five years.

University officials attribute that jump to growing student interest in international affairs and new financial aid opportunities.

Anne Alexander is director of the office of International Programs at UW. She says that nearly 460 UW students participated in classes outside of the United States during the current calendar year, which includes the spring, summer and fall semesters. That's up from 45 students in 1998 and 60 students five years ago.

University officials say contributions from Vice President Dick Cheney - a UW graduate - and his wife, Lynn, have helped fuel the increase in study abroad participation.

The Cheneys donated $3 million in 2005 that was split between The Richard B. and Lynn V. Cheney Study Abroad Scholarship Fund and the Cheney International Education Center. The state of Wyoming matched the contributions.