UW tuition increase likely

Laramie, WY – Trustees for the University of Wyoming are set to approve a five percent tuition increase tomorrow (Friday). But, next year's students won't pay extra because economic stimulus money will cover the increase. That means for four years straight, tuition for Wyoming residents will have stayed steady. Trustee Taylor Haynes says he's actually disappointed by that. He says in the real world, costs go up.
"It's clearly not a real life experience and in a real life sense they're not being taught how the world works. So, in the sense of running their day to day lives when they leave here maybe we've been remiss."
In past years, Haynes has advocated for having small, constant tuition increases. That never went through. This year's tuition hike will provide the university with an extra two million dollars. The money will go towards the library collections and instruction materials for professors.