Veteran Enrollment Increases At UW

Laramie, WY – Thanks to more financial aid and scholarships available to military veterans, the University of Wyoming has seen a substantial increase in the number of enrolled vets. UW officials say there are no 260 vets on campus who receive some sort of financial assistance from the government. The school has also started asking incoming students if they are veterans to get a better estimate of the population.
Professor Bill Gribb, himself a veteran, says the increase is a good thing because vets are focused on a goal, have wide ranging life experiences and can be a resource in the classrooms.

"Maybe there's ways that some of the veterans could be used in some introductory courses to help lead discussions," says Gribb. "I mean utilize their experience and leadership in more of an educational role."

Most believe a combination of changes to the GI Bill and scholarships from the state of Wyoming are fueling the increase in veterans on campus.