Virtual conference will address Wyoming's equal pay issue

Apr 16, 2012


      Wyoming women make 64 cents to every dollar a man makes.  That ranks the state at or near the bottom when it comes to national wage gap rankings.  But a conference is hoping to change that.  Diane Wolverton of the Wyoming Smart Capital Network says the conference, SHE! a virtual business conference for Wyoming women, will discuss ways women can create their own business opportunities.

Women and business is one strategy for addressing the wage gap.  Because women can build their own companies and women can support each other building their companies.  And so it’s a conversation on how do we do that? And then drilling down into some very specific tools, resources and strategies for building businesses.”

The conference begins Tuesday/today and runs through April 26th.  Wolverton says the conference is offered on-line to allow as many women to attend as possible.  Those interested should go to the website