Voting begins in Wyoming

Sep 26, 2012

Early voting in Wyoming begins Thursday.  Since 1991, the state has allowed absentee voting without an excuse. 

People may register and in many instances they may vote in person at the County Courthouse or they can take their ballot home and return it.  State Elections Director Peggy Nighswonger says it’s very popular.

“People that are thinking they may be out of town, shift workers who it’s hard for them to get to the polls, the elderly, it’s just a convenience for a lot of people.”

Although some say it takes the fun out of election day.  Nighswonger hears that on occasion.

“Well some people think it does, because they like going to the polling place and like to see their friends.  But I think it’s such a convenience for people and it’s something that they can kind of get out of the way and they don’t want to forget going to the polls on election day, so I think most people find it a great convenience.”

Nighswonger says it helps improve turnout.  She says roughly 25 percent of Wyoming voters typically vote absentee.