VP's Cash to Help UW Students Travel

Laramie, WY – The University of Wyoming plans to use
money from stock options that Vice President Cheney gave to U-W in
2001 to support students who study in other countries.
The vice president started ridding himself of stocks and stock
options after his first nomination as President Bush's running
mate. Cheney had served as chairman of Halliburton, and much of his
stocks and options have been in that company.
Jim Kearns is spokesman for U-W. He says that Cheney's 2001
donation to the university is now worth about one-point-eight (m)
million dollars. The state matched the donation.
Kearns says the vice president and his wife Lynne Cheney have
decided they wanted the money to go to support U-W students who
study overseas.
U-W President Tom Buchanan says that the Cheney's gift shows a
keen appreciation of the importance of students having meaningful,
global experiences.