In the wake of Bin Laden's death, remembering Wyoming's losses

Laramie, WY – Since the September 11th attacks, 33 Wyoming service members have died as part of the Global War on Terror. Thirty were on active duty, and three were members of the Wyoming National Guard.

Major General Luke Reiner leads the Wyoming Military Department. He says the news of Osama Bin Laden's death is a comfort to many servicemen and women, and their families. "For those that have served, to the families that have had loved ones leave, to the families of those that have lost servicemen, I know there's a satisfaction in knowing that we serve a higher purpose," he said. "And we are in this war to make this world a safer place."

In 2009, the Wyoming National Guard saw the largest deployment in state history. Nearly one thousand Guard members deployed to Kuwait and Iraq to support coalition forces.