WAM Lobbyist: We Need Better Communication With Towns

Laramie, WY – The head lobbyist for the Wyoming Association of Municipalities acknowledges the group could improve communication with its members.

Wyoming mayors are upset with the association for submitting a plan to a legislative committee that would reduce state funding to a majority of Wyoming cities. Lobbyist Mark Harris says he was responsible for submitting the plan on behalf of the communities and he says he thought he did a good job presenting it. But Cheyenne's city council was so unhappy with the plan that it voted to withhold from the group about 40-thousand dollars in dues. Harris says anytime a member city has a major concern like that the association needs to do a better job communicating.

Harris adds that the legislature is in the early stages of ironing out a funding formula and the plan can still be changed. The money is distributed to cities and counties from taxes collected on mineral development.