Wasserburger Cannot Apply To Be Superintendent

Gillette, Wy – State Representative Jeff Wasserburger cannot be considered as a candidate for the state's upcoming vacancy in the State Superintendent of Public Instruction's office. Trent Blankenship is resigning that post August 1st. And Wasserburger, the House Education Chairman, was among those interested. But the Attorney General ruled Wednesday that it would violate the state constitution for a sitting legislator to be appointed to a state office. Wasserburger accepts the decision, but has doubts about whether this is the intent of that constitutional clause. Wasserburger says the purpose of this clause is to keep legislators from using undue influence to get a state government job, which he says is a noble reason. But in this case, he says there's an open position, an election by the Republican Party, and an appointment by the Governor. So he doesn't think there's the opporutunity to influence the appointment. Wasserburger thinks the Legislature may want to look at exactly what this clause means. He thinks it could not only keep legislators from filling vacancies in positions like this, but that it could affect any state civil office opening.