Water users seek voluntary measures to deal with shortage

Apr 16, 2013

Wyoming State Engineer Pat Tyrrell says he’s optimistic that community members will be able to come up with voluntary measures to manage water resources in the Horse Creek Basin in southeastern Wyoming.

Tyrrell says there appears to be a water shortage, and he says it’s complicated figuring out how much water everyone is entitled to, because groundwater and surface water are connected in the area.

Tyrrell hosted a public hearing in LaGrange on Friday to gather input from water users about what to do, and he says the meeting was productive.

“There was a pretty good sense of community in the meeting, and I think that they would all rather find a solution themselves than leave it to us here in Cheyenne,” Tyrrell said. “That’s the better solution anyway. Any time we can solve our own problems, it’s better than having to regulate out of Cheyenne.”

Tyrrell is accepting additional public comments until May 10. After that, he will determine whether the state needs to impose additional regulations on water consumption in the Horse Creek Basin.