Waters rising again in Fremont County

Laramie, WY – Fremont County has had a short respite from flooding, but that is about to end. The spokesman for the incident command center, Christian Venhuizen says the Popo Agie will probably reach flood stage again tomorrow (Wednesday) and the Little Wind River could hit flood stage again on Thursday. He says the forecast is that water will not get to last week's high levels but still there are concerns.
"There's material and debris that haven't come down stream yet. So, these flood waters could bring more material and more debris downstream, which could inflict damage and could create problems with stream flow and could create sort of mini little dams."
Venhuizen says they've asked homeowners to secure any items that could be swept away, like propane tanks or hazardous chemicals kept in garages or basements. Venhuizen says National Guard members have also built giant walls to try to prevent flooding around homes in Lander.