Weatherizing Wyoming

Laramie, WY – More than thirty percent of homes planned to be made energy efficient under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have been weatherized, marking a milestone for Wyoming. The process of weatherization involves installing insulation, sealing windows and doors and replacing heating and cooling systems, among other possible energy-saving solutions. The Wyoming Energy Council is one of three non-profits in the state that provides the service. Executive Director Kim Skidmore says it's not just about energy efficiency. The program also helps secure the safety of Wyoming families.

"We provide health and safety services as well," says Skidmore. "Furnaces that emit too much Carbon Dioxide, we can analyze that and determine that it's unsafe so we can get a family a new furnace."

All Wyoming residences are eligible for the program. The service is free for families that qualify under the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. Check the Wyoming Department of Family Services website for more information.